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Reality Kings – Insane Facial

They say that cum load is very good for the skin, so check the most recent reality kings video to see how this babe wants to be more pretty. She will try all the possible masks, just to be sure that she won’t age ever in this life. One of her friends told her that the fresh jizz is very healthy for the pores and skin, so this naughty brunette asked her next door neighbor to come over and give her a proper treatment. Of course that he was happy to hear about her needs, so he came in a hurry to apply that reach and foamy cream all over her pretty face. You have to check the whole realitykings video, to see how this babe will spread all that huge load of cum over her lips, her face and of course on her neck. She is so naive and cute!


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College Horny Babes


Hey, wake up, there is an awesome gang bang going on right now on reality kings video updates! Check out these two amazing blondes and how are they gonna be hammered big time by these horny hunks! Just take a look at these nasty chicks and their amazing way of blowing that tools instantly. It’s like their mouths are true vacuum cleaners, cause I don’t have some other explanation for their amazing skills of slurping. While one of the guys was checking his babe’s holes, she was blowing his friend’s cock with her natural skilled mouth. The other babe loves to ride that hard huge cock all the time, like a real cowgirl. Now you will have to see the rest of the movie and the entire realitykings picture gallery, to see how these two guys are gonna hammer these two gorgeous sluts and how the blondes are going to end up having loads of cum load all over!

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Group Fuck


The more, the merrier! At least that’s in reality kings case, cause these two couples likes it best when they hammered hard in the same time, even on the same couch. Sometimes, they like to watch the other couple while they are fucking, to see what kind of new moves do they have or what other positions do they know. You should see this impressive video, just to observe how these two gorgeous babes are gonna be nailed both in the same time by their boyfriends. While one of them was shoving his cock into a pussy, the other one was kissing the same babe and fucking the other one. OMG, who knows what else is gonna happen here, with all this awesomeness spread around? My opinion is that you should check the entire videos, to see what other nasty things are these four gonna do together. Have fun and don’t forget to be always naughty!

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Slutty Maids

It’s always a pleasure to come home, with this kind of maids that are waiting for you dressed up all naughty, as you will get to see in the following reality kings superb video. These two are always in the mood to fuck when they see their master all horny and hard for both of them. He didn’t even had the chance to put down his leather handbag cause these two naughty maids got him down on the couch. One of them was undressing him and the other one was slipping her hand into his boxers, just to take out his huge cock and play with it for a while. This is certainly the most outrageous and exclusive videos ever, you will get to see how this lucky guy will be pretty much fucked by these two of his housekeepers, so you have to see the whole scene to watch all the details!


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Reality Kings – Hardcore Hammering

Don’t try this at home, LOL! Or at least don’t try it if you don’t have the great physical condition or you did this before! Cause this naughty babe is actually practicing yoga, that’s why she’s so elastic and she bends of all the joints, she stands in all sorts of positions that are more or less unusual, as you will see it for yourself by watching the latest reality kings video update. Have fun enjoying these two and their unique way of fucking hard for realitykings. She will get down on her back, with her legs on top of her had, just to be wide opened enough for her man to go deep inside her wet pussy. He grabbed her legs and spread them more widely, just to have enough room for his cock to be stuffed inside that warm and soft pussy! Have fun watching them cause they are totally worthy!


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Yacht Sluts

It was a really hot day outside so this guy decided to go yachting today, since it was such a great weather. But what goes best with the yacht, other than two super hot babes who are willing to do anything in the world just to please this rich guy! Check out the entire reality kings xxx video update, to see what are these three gonna do there and how! At first, while one of the gorgeous cougars was laying down taking a sun bath, the other one was trying to stuff as much as possible of this guy’s monster tool into her stretched pussy! There is nothing more exciting on realitykings than to watch two people fucking hard and waiting in line to be also fucked and not by a regular cock but by a super hard tool! Enjoy the weather and this exceptional video that will make your day for real!


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Reality Kings – Morning Fuck

There’s a new reality kings spectacular video update for you, all set to blow your minds! Get ready to see this naughty babe and the way she is gonna ride her boyfriend’s huge hard cock, like it’s the last time for the rest of their lives! She woke up this morning with a huge desire to fuck and she didn’t even had the chance to wake him up for good, cause he was already shoving his cock into her pussy. Enjoy this special reality kings porn update, to see what else are they gonna do right there, on the bathroom’s floor. She will stuff that cock into her pussy with so much eagerness, like she won’t get fucked ever again. But at least she provided her sweet pussy with a huge cock, enough for a while. That’s not all of it, so I invite you to check out the entire video, to see what’s next!


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Cock Sucking Expert

The most up to date reality kings video will expose you a brilliant blonde who is going to look at you with her blue eyes, while she is sucking a hell of a monster tool. She is a real pro in this area, so you’ll get the chance to see exactly how she carries out this outstanding oral. Take a seat and enjoy watching her being all naughty and kinky, shoving that monster tool into her tiny nice mouth. She will lick that cock like it’s a lollipop, going with her tongue from top to bottom, even resting on his rounded balls, thing that is driving him insane of so much pleasure. reality-kings-blowjob-expert

This stunning update is actually a live tutorial of how to perform the best or the most perfect blow job ever, of course ending up with a huge load of warm cum all over the face. But this blonde sweetie likes to have some cum on her lips, cause she loves the taste of it, as you can see it for yourself in this insane video! Have fun watching it and don’t fail to remember to come back with your feedback regarding this video and of course, this naughty babe!

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Reality Kings – Club Fuck

Do you want to see the most fortunate man on Earth? Here it is, having fun with these super hot babes that are eager to get some cock out of him. They will all wait in line, one after another, to get at least a small portion of this superb cock. Check out the entire video to see how while one of them is riding that colossal hard cock, the other one is taking a sit on his face, just to give him access to shove his tongue into her pussy. It’s so insane! No one will get out of her not fucked by that hard tool!


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Hot and Horny


All set for a new reality kings video update? Hope you are, cause we have a very naughty babe who is willing to shove an immense tool into her eager mouth. She likes to give orals, specially because she always likes to have a huge cock shoved into her mouth. And because today she was pretty famished, she decided to treat her friend with a nice and warm blow job, and not just because it was his birthday yesterday, but simply because she wanted to. She’s such a slut! She’ll suck that guy out of his minds, ending up with a huge creamy facial, just like she wants it. Check out the whole video, to see how she’ll stuff that tool deep into her wide opened mouth, like she didn’t eat something in days already. This is a hell of a lucky guy, who doesn’t need to ask for an oral, as long as these babe is around!

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